May Your days be for filled with smiling,love and faith.Be blessed!

Be Better Not Bitter

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Today, I decided to make the most of my day. It may be all I have left anyway!.

Depression, came and tried to lurk my way, I told it to go away.

Sin tried to come through the door, that’s when I put my

knees to the floor and said a prayer. I told sin you are no longer

welcomed here anymore.

Then a knock at the door, are you for real?

It was “The Bills” trying to enter in and find some

place to lay. I gave them to God, for He will make a way.

I open the fridge and it appeared very bare, now

what will I do? I opened my bible and said Lord, I have little

ones to feed.  I know you shall supply all my needs. So

you see I am making the most of my day, taking time

to pray and…

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