You and me

Characteristics of a Pig
Pure hearted and hedonistic, the Pig is the last but not least of the 12 signs. If for no other reason, Pigs have more fun. Who can’t help but like the easy going, helpful, courteous and kindly Pig? They make great friends and sensual lovers. Yes, Pigs love anything that appeals to the senses, music, jacuzzis, and of course good food and drink. And, no one more optimistically looks forward to the joys of retirement. On the down side, Pigs are often naive and trusting to a fault. It’s no challenge to con a Pig. They’re not that great when it comes to managing money either. And, they can be impulsive, often reacting to a situation without thinking. These faults and a gentle nature often mask the Pig’s very real inner strength.
Positive Traits:
Chivalrous, good natured, hard working, honest, intellectual, kind, polite, pragmatic, resilient, sociable, strong willed, and studious.
The Pig, the last sign of the Chinese zodiac, is clear evidence of the old saying, nice guys finish last. You are honest, good hearted and present a kindly face to friends and strangers alike. Your affection is genuine, and your love has no bounds. You are usually very chivalrous. Courtesy and generosity are a way of life with you.
Being a social animal you have many opportunities to exhibit those qualities. You tend to be naturally happy, due in no small part because you most often avoid making judgments and see the good side of people. You are no punster, but you probably have a nice, earthy sense of humor. All in all, you are pleasant, cheerful, co operative and normally do well in group situations. Although the Pig is a member of the gentle group (Rabbit-Sheep-Pig), you do have an inner strength beneath that congenial exterior. Although it is true you play hard, you also work hard when work needs to be done. You also tend to be very resilient, not easily worn down by life’s challenges. And, you are probably strong-willed.
Your fixed element is Water, which means you also have an intellectual side. You may not be a scholar, but you tend to like school in general and reading in particular. You also are a bit more logical and practical than your heart sign might otherwise suggest.
Negative Traits:
Complaisant, egotistical, gluttonous, lenient, long winded, naive, self centered, self destructive, stubborn, slow of mind, superficial and wanton.
It is rather easy to take advantage of the good natured Pig. You can be extremely naive in the amount of trust given to other people, especially when it is probably not warranted. You are also most likely complaisant, meaning you are too accommodating. You give in too easily to others’ wishes. In truth more often than not you are simply a soft touch. This is particularly the case when you are in a position of authority where you are too lenient more times than perhaps you should be. It must be said that not all your faults are due to you being overly nice. There is another side to you. You have a tendency to be self centered and egotistical. Although you have a genuine humanitarian streak, the truth is you usually put your needs first. Probably because you occasionally think you know it all, you tend to be long winded. People occasionally just have to break in and tell you to shut up.
This loquaciousness can bother people in another way. The fact is you tend to be superficial. After a while your talk can just seem repetitive. Furthermore, you are probably not known as a quick thinker, but you do have a fairly quick temper.
All in all, you are relatively harmless when it comes to others, but it is a different story when it comes to yourself. When apparently overcome by events you can enter into your self destructive mode. It can manifest itself as gluttony or just plain sadness. You are easily disheartened when slandered and saddened when your feelings are hurt, you experience disappointments, or just see others being sad. At your worst you engage in wanton pursuit of pleasure.
Qualities Admired: Integrity, sensuality.
Pet Peeves: A “heavy” (oppressive) atmosphere, fanaticism.
Characteristics of a Horse
Independent and sporty, the Horse is the male sign. The often flamboyant Horse tends to be the life of the party and is great fun to be around. They tend to love sports and, or, outdoor activities and don’t mind some rough and tumble action. They function best when they have lots of freedom. The downside is they function poorly when bridled, e.g., tied down by routine. The Horse tends to be selfish and self absorbed, letting others fend for themselves, which is the Horse’s preferred mode of operation. In spite of the enthusiasm with which they begin things, they tend to lose it rather quickly. You have to work to keep their interest. Ah, but it’s worth it!
Positive Traits:
Adventurous, colorful, dapper, decisive, dynamic, energetic, fun loving, independent, quick in mind and body, sociable, sporting, vivacious.
The adventurous, fun loving Horse enjoys the outdoors as well as a variety of sports. It is no chore to get you to go to the fitness center to work out, but you truly enjoy the combination of working out and being outdoors—hiking, jogging, biking, rock wall climbing. The Horse is a fun member of any team and always likely to be found where the action is.
Speaking of action, the Horse can be a human dynamo. Furthermore, you can stay in an action mode a lot longer than the rest of us. Others see you as a very vivacious person due to your high energy level. It is not only your vitality that catches our attention and wins our respect. You are quick in both mind and body, and cut a dapper, colorful figure as you rush in and out of our lives.
Yes, even though you are most independent, you still love to be around lots of people. The catch is it is you who decides when and where the party will be. No one ever said you were afraid to make a decision.
Negative Traits:
Fickle, headstrong, impatient, impulsive, ostentatious, petty, rash, self indulgent, selfish, stubborn, temperamental, unstable.
The Horse has been accused of being headstrong more than once. Add to this a stubborn streak and a bit of a temper, and you can be difficult to be around at times.
You can also be selfish and self indulgent as you pursue your interests oblivious to ours. Your pettiness is almost unbearable at times. It is even worse when you do not get your way.
Yes, you have to have things your way—now. Often impatient and rash, you engage in impulsive behavior more than the rest of us.
In truth stability is not your strong suit. You are fickle, especially when it comes to fashions. Even though you usually dress smartly and look good, that is not enough for you. You tend to be ostentatious and not beyond trying to impress us with pretentious displays of extravagance.
Qualities Admired: Directness, ability to keep up with you.
Pet Peeves: Being held on a short leash, dwelling on your mistakes.
Compatibility of Year Signs — Pig and Horse
This is a mediocre match. You’re very different people, and the easy going Pig may not always be able to keep up with the dynamic Horse. You both know how to have fun and can usually exist in harmony.

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