My beloved

 am longing to hear Your words.
As much as I try and try to find..well,love in this world it seems that I should never even try to.
You are the only Beauty in my life.
My most adored Love,now I am even affraid to call You wife,I am so scared.
Yes I know Your Heart and You know mine,but what if the outside world want us appart?
I am holding myself on Your poem You did send me today.She brought me joy,so much joy and Your Love.
My sweetest Woman,will You know me heart as I want You to.
I am letting the time pas by,I feel safe here,I can freely breath here..that is the place You will come.
I was so happy when I got Your letter,then wonderful poem of my beloved Poet and then magic card with Your beutiful words of Love.Card with Roses from  Your own heart.
Please my Love,come back,I need You.
I am telling myself that Your Heart will always know,feel the true.
You said that I gave You Your voice back and flight.I loved to take a journey with You my beloved and cherish Lady.
I belong to You,I said until my last breath,but I want You to be free to do what ever Your mind tell You to do.I love Your mind.I admire Your mind as much as my own.
Maybe I am not humble but in my mind and heart I was/am so proud to be called Your.
Eternally Your

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