All my writings here are dedicated to Her,Lady of my Heart,

who leads with Her Heart in everything She does.She never let Her head get in way of Her beautiful Heart.Althouh She is very young in human ages,She has taught me much more than I have tought Her.Also it is dedicated to all thoese wonderful people I had honor to met in life all around the world,who take full responsability for all their relationships.Who have attained a balance between their Hearts and heads-and therby truly lives the evelasting alive prayer: “LET THERE BE A PEACE ON EARTH AND LET IT BEGIN WITH ME!             
                             My Clara  ; Fire Guardian on DANUBIUSU;Stasha and all You there on forum,beutiful people on Facebook,my friends from everywhere I solute You all.Thank You all for your love,thoughts and making this life on Mother Earth better,BRIGHTER and already little pieces of Paradise.

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