DARJA The Girl who Wants to Live

There lives young girl named DARJA.She has leuchemia and she needs money for transplatation.Many of us already knows that I have the same illness.My days are numbered but She is young,I begg You to look at this link bellow where all is described.You need to take Your mobile phone and send SMS with this massage: BN DARJA;(write Your name and surrname).That is all,it takes one minute and with this You’re saving Her life.May Creator of Love bless  You.call this numbers:IRELAND:97605/2.50eu*MACEDONIA:14193/106,20mkd*DEUTSCHLAND:82888/1,99eu*
SERBIA:1551/88,50din*BOSNIA&HERZEGOVINA:091 810700/2,20km*SLOVENIA:3838/1,99eu*ITALIA 40020027/1eu*CANADA:99199/2,00cad*USA:97605/2,99usd*HRVATSKA/CROATIA:67454/6,10kn*GREAT BRITAIN:80079/1,50gbp

       Good night to all of You,do not forget to share this with Your friends and relatives.Thank You Danubiuse.Darja,we all loves YOU!Be blessed!


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