The Woman who runs with Woulfs

                                                   There is a woman,very special one,very presious in my life.Each time when I come beside Her I feel so calm,like when You find Yourself in a dream come true position.

I have to be quiet and to wait for Her all time long no matter when She come,because when She do come,everything is changing.All She really do is love and care for me.I am blessed in time when She is here.Do You want to know how does she looks like?Just like this woman on the picture.She has beautiful eyes and expression of her face is so charming.Like a dreamer;well my very special Lady has artistic spirit.She do all sort of things connected with art,she is poet,ballerina dancer,composer,playing piano..But above all she is romantic,very emotional,sensitive,sincere,pleasing,affectionate.Well,in Her approach towards romantic relationships She is immpressionabile ,higly imaginative and have total care for nurture Her mate in every way possible.Sometimes She is changable in her thoughts.I believe that she long for security from person She loves,at least I feel very close with her emotionally.I think She ishypersensitive and She is capabile to brood for hours and days if Her mate hurts Her feelings.I have feelings that is why She have little tendency to remain aloof and at distance,rather then get hurt or God forbid,negelected by love.She adores words,moves,Nature,dance,helping others,working in team,dreaming,Sun and “aqua”.I do believe that she adores me too.It is special to be Her lady.

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