52 Ways to love Your Love

1. Tell Her at least five times a day how much You love Her.
2. Send Her a list with 21 reason for loving Her (every month made a new list)
3.Write a poem in Her honor
4.Cherish Her deep in Your Heart
5.Give Her Your blessing no matter when (from awekening till sleeping time )
6.Love Her:deeply,honestly,trully,uncondicionally
7.Be romantic even if it is for Her only
8.Try to make stars dancing for Her smile
9.Send her little love notes
10.Remember the first time we fall for each other
11.Make Her dreams come true
12.Be what ever She asked You to be (even fool or clown if it makes Her happy )
13.Send Her little macig cards with music she loves
14.Send Her smiles and jokes so She can smile at least twice a day
15.Send Her quotes from author she admire (or Her own! )
16.Send Her Roses (even electronic one @>—— )
17.Pray for Her well and health
18.Bless each and every minute You are with Her (don’t do that aloud!)
19.Write down Her wishes and make them true.
20.Talk with Her in time when She wants
21.Give Her peace when She does need it.
22.Propose Her (be wise)
23.Make plans for recreate Your first date
24.Buy an “I love You” card and mail it to Your spose at work
25.Choose a book,then read it out loud to each other in the evenings.
26.Rent a movie (old one,black and white,exp.”Brief encounter”) and watch it with Her in minds
27.Be adventourous-meet for lunch at an ethnic restaurant (exp.Indian food..)
28.Make a snack for both of You (look after She likes )
29.Light a candle with each meal
30.Put down everything to greet Her at the end of day
31.Compliment Your love in front of friends and familly
32.Leave a favorite snack or sweets on the seats of Your love’s place (in train or..)
33.Fill Her with joy and happiness
34.Get Her pajamas out and lay them on the bed
35.At the movie,share the armrest
36.Save the last piece of fruit for Your adoring wife
37.Squeeze toothpaste on Her’s toothbrush when You’re doing Your own.
38.Get to know all She likes. (and specially She doesn’t like)
39.When She lies down on the couch,get Her a pillow
40.Shower together and wash Her back
41.Next time You shop for something,let Her vote on what to buy.
42.Hide love notes around the home,in different e-mails where She will find it.
43.On cold mornings,go ahead and warm the house.
44.Hold hands instead of holding the remote control.
45.Suprice Her nicely
46.Do not put away stuff of Her,guard them.
47.When one of You is indoors and other outside,knock on the window and blow a kiss.
48.Kiss Her at stoplights.
49.Get involved in all she is interesting.
50.When You disagree,always acknowledge the possibility that You could be wrong.
51.Blessed the day You found Her.
52.Be Her best friend,mate,kindered soul,anything at all just for posibility to be WITH HER.

(in an honor to my beloved whife and best friend ❤ always my Love,eternally your milena )


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