Beutiful She

From this moment on…
I am lost in this world where I do not belong.
I never did,ectually  belong anywhere.
My home was allways somewere in the Heaven.
I was a dreamer whole my life.
My song was “Fly,fly,litlle one..”
I thought that I was a bird with broken wings so
I had never belong heart belongs to Sky.
I am Sappho with broken heart.
For a moment I was happy I dreamed the most beutiful dream
Were You were my Lady.
I felt young,happy,in love
I belived in each and every word You said to me.
I even planned the most incredible plans
Crossing the Ocean was just one litlle part of my plan.
Other was to ask You to merry me.
I wake up.
Time to close the my heart.
Time to fly away.
Time for going home.
Wish me,bon voayagge.

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