I am hurt

It s so easy to hurt someone who is standing so close to You.
I never had understanding for that  kind of behaviour.
I allways thought that lesbian are more cereful,more kind,more understanding.At last that they are more woman then others.
I was wrong for putting lesbian on the pedestal.
Or maybe I am just too hurt.
It s not easy to coop with something like this.I need to hide myself.I don t want to argue with you about our rights to dissagree with something,anything.
You above all should know that.
You said that we need dialogue for progress to occur.Well,maybe you didn t mean it refair to everyone.Maybe it s for thoese you choose to have dialogue.
I really didn t need history lesson about human rughts in America.
Before I answer to anybody I look upon to whom  am I answering.Not everyboday can and will understand everything I want to share and say.But we re different.
I don t get from were did you saw I was condemning anybody,anything.Honestlly I am not that person at all.I love woman to much and I care too much to be able to condemn them.It was strange for thinking that you need to explain me what does homophobe do in there lifes.Did you really red what I wrote about part of my experianse?
Maybe you are right.maybe you wasn t answering only to me.
I will get over your answer in time.Time do recover all our wounds.
I wish You all the best in life!
with respect and love,m. 

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